Our standard inspection costs PKR 2000 at our inspection center. However, doorstep inspection or mobile inspection will cost PKR 2500.

The inspection covers items listed below. However, it must be noted that dismantling or removal vehicle parts is not performed.

Stage 1: Accidental or exterior check of the vehicle (body paint, identification of replaced body parts, body parts showered and body parts filled with polygate)

Stage 2: Mechanical check up (suspension check, gear shifting, engine cruising, brake response and steering effort)

Stage 3: Diagnostic test (all electrical components and sensors including engine health, ABS health, electrical power steering, transmission, AC operation, etc)

We do not take any responsibility for the documentation of any type. However, we do verify auction sheets for japanese vehicles.

Charges for Auction sheet verification are PKR 1500.

Due to liability issues, we do not perform any tests that require the removal of parts from the vehicle with the use of tools. We only check for ‘blow-by’ and cross contamination of fluids by removing the valve cover cap, radiator cap and dipstick. If there are internal issues with the engine, they will likely be evident here if not on the test-drive.

For every inspection, we try to arrange a test drive for the vehicle. However, a test drive may not be performed for a number of reasons such as; a refusal by the vehicle’s current owner, safety issues, weather conditions, invalid registration or any requirement by law, and/or any other reason that will not permit a test drive.

Yes, the inspection is made at a certain date and time and the report is valid only for that specific date and time.

No, this process usually takes up to 45 minutes. After the inspection has been performed, the report is sent to our QC department for quality assurance. After thoroughly examining the report, it will be sent to you through email or WhatsApp.

As a FREE add-on to any report, we do offer an opinion of the value. A professional valuation of the vehicle added to the report summary serves as a guide to what we feel the vehicle is worth in today's market.

The majority of vehicles fitted with a hybrid battery have no additional instruments provided to indicate the health of the hybrid battery. Due to this, the inspector is unable to confirm its health, other than by giving an opinion on the performance by a road test or a diagnostic test.

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Highly recommend OLX CarPro for car inspection. The team is highly professional and cooperative. For me they are the most reliable and valuable in making decisions for buying vehicle. Thank you and all the best

Mairaj Hussain

I’m satisfied with their inspection and they inspect cery well Highly recommended for those who want to know about their car

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A Great service. Keep up the good work!! By there help only I could find out a good car And had reject the worst car that I was about to buy and each and every detail was given which they had shown me in there report A GREAT SERVICE BY GREAT PEOPLE

Atta Khan

Bought the car that was inspected by Olx car pro team. Have to say car is in good condition engine wise. Body wise issues that were mentioned are there and were precisely correct. Great service keep it up. Will use your services in the future too InshaAllah.

Muhammad Abeer

This is a very good service for car sale and purchase. U have a very professional team. I am 100% satisfied from your service.. Woth your help I mange to But a very good car from olx. Thankyou so much.

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olx carpro is a great service , timely response and very accurate assessment as validated from another source. Much appreciated the integrity and unbiased working of staff. My first experience with Carpro was great as I was benefited with genuine report.

Rana Sajid Mahmood

Today I used olx carpro inspection service and i am very satisfied from their Good quality work, their experties and inspection team are very good. They used latest instrument in inspection. Olx Carpro Inspection highly recommended

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Had a great experience with OLX CarPro. Their service is really quick and I'm highly satisfied especially Hamza was very cooperative. I got my inspection report within 1 hour and that was so much detailed. I would strongly recommend it.

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That’s the best experience and they guide me a lot specially the guy (Hamza)who send me detail about car on whatsapp, he was really friendly and guided me about each and everything. Thanks for your help and I wish your branch should open in Peshawar too. Thanks again

Yawar Abbas